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Projects with Personality

I have always loved needlepointed items whenever I spied them in a store: belts, key fobs, pillows ~ you name it.  The combination of beautiful handicrafts and a dash of preppiness really speaks my language! My first needlepoint projects were … Continue reading

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Shower Shelving

Our master bathroom is a little sad. It likely last saw upgrades and renovation around the time I was 10 years old, which means it’s middle-aged, wrinkled and need of a make over. However, it’s taking a back burner in … Continue reading

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Ready for Summer Fun

The pool is open and we are getting ready to head to the beach soon. The Cuties are really into inflatables lately: donuts, pizzas, lounges ~ you name it.  We even keep a giant alligator and a sea turtle big … Continue reading

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Why I Periodically Ghost

Do y’all know the term “Ghosting?’ It’s used mostly to refer to when people are dating and one person suddenly ceases communication with the other without any explanation or contact in any way.  It’s highly obnoxious and rude. Dear Readers, … Continue reading

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Curb Appeal

So many things with the New Old House have been triage; simply getting to the thing on the list that is currently in need of the most help at the moment. When we moved in last year, there were a number … Continue reading

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New Craft Room Space

I’d love to tell you I’ve been off training for a marathon or researching a cure for cancer, but my absence of late can simply be attributed to an abundance of volunteer commitments, Grandparents in town, and binge-watching House of Cards. … Continue reading

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Egg Muffins

 In the Felt So Cute household, we like eggs and eat them as many ways as possible. I made these again the other morning and Little Cutie’s immediate comment was that I really needed to make them all the time. … Continue reading

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Travel Medicine Bag

While I’m still unpacking from Spring Break, I’ll share some more hints. I promise I don’t pack the entire kitchen sink when I travel, but one of the things I do always pack is a small medicine bag when we travel. … Continue reading

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Things To Do Pre-Vacation

Today I’m going to share my Pre-Trip To Do List with you. You’re not remotely surprised I have a list for that, are you? Print a copy of your travel documents. I know we know live in a paperless world, … Continue reading

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Teen Airplane Bags

It’s almost Spring Break and that means we are off on an adventure! The Cuties are truly self-sufficient and amazing international travelers; they schlep their own bags, they entertain themselves in flight, and they manage their own gear. I do … Continue reading

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