In the Bag

When we pulled the Halloween bin out last weekend to put up our decorations Big Cutie gently asked me if there were any stores in town that sold “different” Trick or Treat bags or if I might have supplies to make her a new one.

Even I have to admit that her Pottery Barn Kids pumpkin bag is rather toddler-esque with her 11th birthday just around the corner.  But I appreciate her tact in handling me with kid gloves since I’m still fragile from the whole no more homemade costumes blow.

I started with a very simple bat shape I cut by folding my felt in half for symmetry and then gave him two little fangs.  He originally had felt eyes as well, but we found my jar of googly eyes and thought they were much more fun {True story: on more than one occasion, I have received a semi-frantic phone call from a neighbor in search of googly eyes, who just knew I would have them, and of course they were right….in multiple sizes}.

Now here’s the part of the story where I made my life unnecessarily complicated.  I was worried that the sheets of eco-felt I pulled from stash might be too flimsy to support an evening’s haul of candy, so I thought I should double-up the fabric in order to make it thicker.  This all sounded perfectly reasonable in my head, but let’s stop and remember what a complete and total novice sewer I am, the fact that I was doing this without any sort of pattern or direction, and that I refused to stop and regroup and perhaps simply purchase the proper materials in the first place.   As always, I reiterate, I’m not as put together about things as some of you tend to think.

So I glued each piece of my bag to a second piece of felt with my hot glue gun.  I did take care to glue fairly far from my edges so that I wouldn’t have to contend with sewing through solidified hot glue.  Score one for the lazy crafter!

The front and back of my bag are each a standard sized piece of felt and the sides measure about a third.  The bottom is essentially the distance left.  I really just eyeballed this all since I knew I’d be sewing my seams inside out and then flipping it so it really didn’t have to look that lovely.  I sewed my sides together first, and had one long piece of fabric.

I then sewed the bottom piece to all the sides, and then finally sewed up the last side seam.  At times, sewing through four layers of felt was a challenge, but I was able to just manage to get it all underneath my needle.  I then evened up my top seams with sharp scissors {in hindsight, I could have sewn a nice neat top seam first, but since it’s felt and won’t fray, this works too}.

I found some lovely black twill ribbon that was quite substantial in my stash for handles.  I folded the twill over for a little extra stability and then sewed a square with an ‘X’ through it to really hold it well {the same technique used here}.  I did this in the same orange as the felt, so you don’t really notice the top stitching once the bag is turned right side out.

And here’s the finished project ~

Once, again, a project completely made from my stash of over purchased craft supplies.

I am simultaneously hanging my head in shame and doing the dance of joy.

It’s kinda hard.

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2 Responses to In the Bag

  1. shelli says:

    Great job!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Don’t hang your head! It looks great!

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