Monograms & Mountains

It’s almost Winter Vacation and we are off with The Cuties to New England for a week of fun: skiing, sledding, snowmobiling and more.  All that winter wonderland activity of course necessitates helmets and at the rate The Cuties have been growing it was time for a shopping trip.

And well I’ve never been one to spy a wide open surface and leave it alone now have I….

Thank goodness my daughters are my daughters and so when I proposed monogramming their ski helmets they were not only interested but excited and had opinions as to style, fonts and colors!  We even made sure to note where the goggle straps would hit so the monograms would still be visible when fully geared up!

So we got to work~




Now I just have to decide what to put on my helmet and we’re ready to head to the mountain this weekend!

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1 Response to Monograms & Mountains

  1. Amma2013 says:

    Beautiful!! Have a great time!

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